About Our Services

We discuss your requirements in detail to your budget and the relative benefits of the various types of safety. All our solutions are cost effective, durable and meet rigorous safety standards.

We can work with you, so any problems about working hours are coordinated to suit you. Our installation experts will execute your project from start to finish with professionalism, and a superior attention to detail.


Our mission is to provide our customers with premium quality surfacing products. Our superior customer service staff will respond timely and provide consistent quality and reliability, guaranteed!

Maintenance Programs

Maintaining your surface is essential for a long lasting product. By utilizing our maintenance program, you can help retain and revitalize your surface as needed, protecting your investment and your facility! We spend all of our time, efforts, resources and providing you with the best surfacing in the industry with the widest array of surfacing types, color choices, and finishing options.


Whether you’re an architect, playground contractor or school/park official, when it comes to playgrounds there is one thing that is paramount – safety.

Product Overview

  • Pool Decks
  • Garage Floors
  • Porches and Steps
  • Splash Pads and Waterparks
  • Golf Course Pathways
  • Patios
  • Don't Have A Surface?
  • Playgrounds
  • Indoor Applications
  • Designs and Logos
  • Wetpour Playground Flooring
  • Rubber Mulch Flooring
  • Rubber Grass Matting
  • Decorative Outdoor Paving
  • Rubber Surfacing Golf Course Paths

Rubber Playground Surface

Your playground surface will look beautiful with minimal maintenance. It is vandal resistant, chemical resistant and easy to take care of. We propose a versatile surface that can be installed to any depth requirements to meet all your needs. We use the right surface for day care, nursery, elementary schools or your own residential play area.