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The Language Center's general goal is to help those who are interested in improving overall language proficiency. Our ESL Program is divided into two disciplines: Comprehension (Reading/Listening) and Expression (Writing/Speaking).

There are four levels of study in each discipline, including Low Beginning, High Beginning, Low Intermediate, and High Intermediate levels. Each class includes lab hours. Students can also attend grammar seminars, work in the computer lab and attend conversation group sessions.

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Niel is an energetic teacher who likes writing, acting and making music. He enjoys bringing theatre into the classroom. Neil has travelled through Europe, although the Western Cape called him home to teach those at LC.


Kim loves to travel and experience new cultures. She has taught English for 5 years. When not in the classroom, Kim enjoys music and the outdoors either walking in the forest or mountains.


Alexandra is a passionate teacher who derives tremendous satisfaction from seeing her students reach their goals and improve their language skills. She is originally from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and moved to Cape Town in 2013.


Mark is an adventurous person who loves to share his knowledge with his students. He enjoys excursions and has a passion for languages, making LC his favourite place.

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