Personal Fitness
Trainer Program

Our Personal Fitness Trainer Program is designed for everyone who would like to learn more about physical training as one of the ways to help people recover their health after operations or injuries. We will teach everything you would like to know about this fitness training!

Certified Nurse
Assistant Program

Certified Nurse Assistants give patients important care and emotional support while also providing vital patient information to nurses, doctors and other medical staff. Since CNAs have extensive daily contact with patients, they are the key to monitoring a patient's condition.

Medical Assistant
Training Program

Becoming a Medical Assistant is your chance to widen your job opportunities and make a long-lasting difference in people's lives. Are you looking for a new career that offers great personal growth and a promising job outlook with plenty of benefits?

Technician Program

Gain a distinct career advantage when you enroll in Medical Training's Phlebotomy Class. Complete your training in as little as 4 weeks. Day, evening, and weekend classes available. Do you like a challenge and work well under pressure?

EKG Technician

Are you detail-oriented and good with people? Do you like working as a part of a team? The MT's EKG Technician Training will prepare you to work in any medical setting in New York, including hospitals, laboratories, medical offices, and diagnostic imaging centers.

Medical Biller
Training Program

Are you a clear communicator who is detail-oriented and organized? The Medical Billing Program at MT is designed to prepare you for employment in this growing occupation. After you receive your Medical Billing diploma, you will be prepared to work in any medical or office setting.

Patient Care
Technician Program

Are you already trained in an allied health career and want to progress your career, build on your skills or become more competitive for employment? Medical Training's Patient Care Technician Program will prepare you to work in countless settings, including hospitals, nursing homes and medical offices of all kinds.

Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician Program at MT is designed to prepare you for employment in this growing occupation. According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Pharmacy Technicians is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years due to medical advances and a large aging population.

Dialysis Technician

Are you caring, meticulous and enjoy helping others? Are you already trained in an allied health profession and want to add to your skill set? Dialysis Technicians are in demand. Although this profession may not be the most called-for at the moment, it is certainly important to the healthcare industry.