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If for snowboarders and skaters the source of their gear are the shops, for you, the shop owners, the source of the gear is… us. We are an initial point where the best snowboards and skates start their way towards and end-customer. Just as for many of you, sport is our lifestyle, and our team consists of those who are lucky to connect their passion with their work. So, welcome to the biggest wearhouse with snowboards and skates.

What do we offer to those who is interested in skates? Among completes you’ll be impressed by the quantity of completes, decks, skateboards trucks, longboard trucks, wheels, skateboard parts, longboard, protective skate gear, skateboard accessories, shoes, a category for “Girls skate”. Youth clothing and shoes, skate outlet - once you get to the wide selection of the items offered on this website, you’ll be impressed.

What do we offer to those who are interested in snowboards?

A full range of snowboards (those are women’s, men’s and kids snowboards), snowboard boots, snowboard bindings, snowboard Goggles, men’s snowboard outerwear. The best snowboard outerwear is also available for women, including women’s snowboard jackets, women’s snowboard pants, tech apparel, mitts and gloves, base layer, face protection, and, of course, snowboard Goggles. The best snow accessories and snowboard outlet is available.

What about delivery and return policy?

We deliver worldwide. All you have to do is to make sure that your country is on the delivery list. For this, you may contact our support. Besides, our support team is always there for you if you have any questions regarding snowboards or skates. We are offering you a world-class service.

What about return policy? You may exchange a purchased item or ask for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Please remember that there are gift certificates available. For not only bulk buyers prefer our store to others, but also individuals who know that we always have the item which they need at the most competitive price.

Product Details
Fabric: Cotton
Waterproof: Yes
Filler: Down
Weight: 107 g
Season: Winter
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