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USA – Chicago,

901 East E Street,

Wilmington, CA 90744

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Mon-Fri 7am–1am (breakfast)

Mon-Fri 11am–8pm (lunch)


Sat 8am–12pm (breakfast)

Sat 12pm–4pm (lunch)


The atmosphere of real Italy rules

the mood at our restaurant. We offer

you not only the best recipes of typical

Italian dishes also the mood of many

things: interior, music, waitresses and

just Italian air! We put our hearts and

souls into every dish we cook to help

you feel the vibes of Italy, and to

transport you to the picturesque

scenes of ancient times.

Seafood menu

Grill menu

Pasta menu

Baked Haddock

Grilled Asparagus, Yukon Potatoes


Shrimp, Haddock, Mussels, Tomato, Fennel,

Yukon Potato

All Steaks Come with Parmesan and

Haricot Verts.

Twin Filets

Grilled Ribeye


Smoked Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato,


Ricotta Gnocchi

Broccolini, Sausage, Garlic, Parmesan

Salmon European

Eggplant Rollentini

Roma Tomatoes, Capers, Marinara served

with Starch

House Tumbled Steak Tips

Poached Chicken, Spinach, Parmesan,

Mozzarella Cheese

Mussels Red

Spicy Sausage, Red Sauce, Linguine

Shrimp Scampi

Sauteed Shrimp and Scallion in a garlic

scampi sauce

Grilled Pork Chops with Maple

Whiskey Glaze

Chicken Broccoli Penne

Fresh Garlic, Cream, Parmesan Cheese

Pasta Louise

Sauteed Chicken, Plum Tomato, Asparagus

Our mission & values

professional staff

Full-service restaurant

Our highly trained and experienced cooks

are the experts in the production, preparation

and presentation of our Italian dishes.

Our restaurant is expanding to a new model

of full-service restaurants, providing

entertainment not only for families.


Catering service

Taking pride in providing the same original

family recipes and products throughout the

area no matter where you are.

We cater events of any sizes to ensure a

memorable dining experience through a high

quality and elite service possible.