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Share your experience and insights

regarding health problems. Any information about medical breakthroughs...

Cat care

Have you found a pregnant cat or orphaned kitten and don't know what to do? Check here for timely advice.

Cat grooming

Discuss general care issues. Traveling with cats, moving home, collars and leads, carriers and beds.

Cat behavior

Share your knowledge and experience or just come and learn about the mysteries of feline behavior.

The most gracious


People who don’t understand cats often call them aloof and standoffish. And, sure, some of them are. But so are some people and some dogs for that matter.


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Cats Bring Joy to Our Lives


Where oh where could my little cat be? Probably in a cardboard box somewhere, or one of these other top cat hiding spots..


Pets have a way of touching our hearts and becoming a part of the family. It’s only natural to wish that our pets...


It is often assumed that only dogs eat anything and everything, however, when leading cat charity International Cat Care carried...


If cats fantasize, they might very well dream of perpetually warm laundry, the power to summon treats and someone stealing...

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