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Pamela Holland is a University of Melbourne trained Clinical Psychologist practicing in Melbourne's far southeastern suburbs and West Gippsland who specializes in the delivery of scientifically supported cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) to adults and older adolescents experiencing emotional difficulties.

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Isolation and loneliness

Human beings are naturally social animals. When we find ourselves becoming isolated, we should take that as a warning sign that we are turned against ourselves in some basic way. If not already there, we are on a path toward feeling bad, lonely, introverted or even depressed.


Family conflict or separation

Parental separation often initially leads to an increase in parental conflict and anger, although for some families the level of conflict reduces when parents do not see each other regularly.


Death or loss

There are many kinds of loss and each has its own kind of grief. People lose loved ones like spouses, partners, children, family members, and friends. Even pet losses can cause grief. Job or property loss can be painful.


Child psychological program

The basic premise of the program is that children who avoid interactions with their peers or have difficulties in these interactions do so because of a skill deficit or excessive anxiety.



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