About us

TaxiService has been a taxicab service provider for over 50 years. Founded in 1951, we quickly grew to be the largest taxicab company in the area. Throughout that time, our company has prided itself on being the premier taxicab service provider. Because of its history and market position, TaxiService is able to provide its customers with one of the best fleets in the country. Clean late model cabs ensure customer comfort.

Our largest and longest running taxicab service is also the most technologically advanced transportation solution in the area. Our computer dispatch system matches the closest available cab with your pick up address, ensuring the fastest response time possible. Most of our taxis are equipped with digital cameras, which record events inside the taxi for an added sense of security for both passenger and driver.



Ridesharing - It's Not Worth the Risk

10 November 2015

It’s illegal and there’s plenty of reasons why. Find out what the NSW Taxi Council and the taxi industry as a whole is doing to fight ridesharing. Keep up to date with the latest information.

Transport Workers Union Opportunism is Misplaced

11 September 2015

Under the NSW drivers’ agreement, drivers are entitled to annual leave, sick leave, and long service leave. These are entitlements that are protected by law. In the world of Uber, the concept of entitlements is completely absent

Getting Reform Right for Point to Point Transport

28 August 2015

It is important that all proper facts about Point to Point transport are established and considered so that sensible and sustainable options for reform are put forward

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