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Supporting families during their time of bereavement

Funeral etiquette

Learn about necessary behavior at a funeral for children and adults.

It's true what they say: "Everything may happen for the first time". Organizing and visiting a funeral is of no exception. There are some basic rules everyone who is visiting a funeral should know to make an impression of a sympathetic person. In this article we will observe these simple rules that are true for both children and adults.

Symphathy letters

Everything you need to know about writing sympathy letters.

Writing a letter of sympathy and condolence can be very difficult – expressing your feelings and finding the right words is often a struggle. However, it is a demonstration of love and respect to the person who was familiar or maybe even close to you. In this article we will give you some advice about writing sympathy letters.

Helping friends

Offering help to your friends is always necessary when they face a loss of someone they loved.

Though we may not always understand the true importance of emotional words, after losing someone who was very special to us, we realize their real value. But friends can help to ease the pain of loss. In this article you will find out why helping others is so important and what role our friends play in it.

Meeting your wishes and family’s traditions

The Ricardo Funeral Home is a funeral company with decades of trustworthy reputation. Our work is based on honoring the family traditions, which is the main reason of our leadership among other funeral companies. We regard your every wish as a key to establishing a successful funeral ceremony and hundreds of positive reviews prove it.

We'll guide you with support and empathy

Everyone at Ricardo understands how deep are the emotions of losing a close person. Anyone who felt it at least once will never forget the feeling. So if you are facing it for the first time, we are always ready to help you with our support and empathy to ease the pain.

We're here to help in the time of your need

In case of a sudden loss, you may require additional psychological help. Our experts know how to alleviate the overcome of a loss. With our help in organization of a funeral and additional assistance, you won't need to bother whether you've done everything right or not. For any type of help or assistance, you can always turn to experts of our company, we will be glad to help you.